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Demographic Reports

2017 National #'s Condensed
2017 State #'s
2016 Demographic State Totals by Discipline
2016 Demographic State Instructor Numbers, Hours, and Discipline
2016 Demographics Condensed Report
2015 Demographics Full Report
2015 Demographics Condensed Report
2014 Demographics Full Report
2014 Demographics Condensed Report
2013 Demographics Full Report
2013 Demographics Condensed Report
2012 Demographics Full Report

2012 Demographics Condensed Report
2011 Demographics Full Report

2011 Demographics Condensed Report


National Shooting Sports Leadership Structure

Organizational Chart
SsPorts Committee Application (PDF)(March 2018)
SsPorts Committee Application (Word)(March 2018)
National Committee Member Position Description (1-21-18)
Roles Within National Committee

National Shooting Sports Instructor Workshop Bid Packet

National Workshop Bid Form (Rev. 8/17)
Workshop Equipment Needs (Rev. 8/17)
Workshop Event Management Guide (Rev. April 2018)
Budget Worksheet National Workshop (Rev. 8/17)
Sample Program Book/Schedule For Workshop (Rev. 5/17)
Workshop Equipment Needs (Rev. 8/17)

Workshop Bid Submission Dates
Workshop Application Deadlines:

Fall Workshop - April 1st - May 1st - target for committee response
Spring Workshop - October 1st - November 1st target for committee response

Instructor Reports (New 2/06)


Policy Manual



National 4-H Shooting Sports Coord. Pictures 2005


Teaching Resources

Poster - Life Skills Model
Poster - Experiential Learning Model
Poster - Essential Elements
Web Link for Essential Elements
Engaging Teens in 4-H Shooting Sports
Welcome to 4-H Shooting Sports for General Audience
Elements of A Risk Management Plan (Powerpoint)
Art of Teaching Kids - 2017
Risky Business
Risky Business .ppt with Voice Over
Lethal Impact Video
Welcome to 4-H Shooting Sports 10/13
State Workshop Essentials 12/15
Minimum Standards & Best Practices 1/19
Second  Amendment 10/13
4-H Shooting Sports Logic Model 10/13

State Level 1 Training Outlines

First Shot Fundamentals

4-H Shooting Sports Curriculum/Manuals

example notebooks example notebooks
Notebook Examples

All Manual Disciplines

Success Stories




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